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General principles applied to this site

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I have created this site for the experience and for my, and hopefully, your pleasure.
Beware of misinformation or misuse of the information in this site or linked to by this site ( I take no responsibility for any problem it or any of my communications may cause you - and some information could easily threaten
life - so take care to get professional help were there is any risk involved.
I have taken some care to acknowledge sources and home pages but offer deep linking mainly to speed access to parochial items. Please let me know if you are annoyed by the way I have linked to your site, used or described your material.

I appreciate feedback and I occasionally respond to it. I'm not professionally trained in Meteorology (but rather in Engineering & QA). So when asking for info just know that I operate at a hobby level on Meteorology and most of the other subjects covered in this site. is not for financial profit (but I might consider some income to offset hosting and Domainz registration costs).
Thanks & Acknowledgements:
Finally, I want to register my thanks to the many generous people and organisations whose sites I am glad to point you to.
Thanks too to the people who have established links on their quality sites to share in the fruits of my considerable diversion.
Which brings me to the penultimate - thanks to my wife, daughter, family and friends who are having to accommodate my time spent on this vanity and fluff.
Ultimate thanks must go to God for the time, for these beautiful puzzles and for the creative minds that admire and wrestle with these things.

Author at Karamea end of Heaphy Track 13 July 2000 (beautiful weather despite forecasts - there is a lesson there)


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PS I am not looking after these links as much as I used to. So, your feedback about broken links is very helpful to me.

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