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Magnificent South Island
About Canterbury

Localeye Guide to Christchurch & Canterbury

Be There - what's on in Canterbury

Chch Airport - Arrivals-Departures & Sth Is

Christchurch City Council - managing my city
Canterbury Regional Council - managing my region
consents process and GIS maps of Canterbury (if your gear is up to it).
Bus info incl route map & timetables

Air quality info.

Rivers and rainfall (note that North Canterbury includes Christchurch).

River flows / levels at the Waimakariri Gorge, upstream at the Waimak Esk confluence and at the Rakaia Gorge

Waimakariri A camera upstream (three shots per day),
Waimakariri B camera downstream (three shots per day),
and associated (tide affected) plot of levels from site at old bridge just down stream.
New Brighton Pier Christchurch looking along beach SE toward Sumner
Ashburton Mouth A camera NE up bar to Banks Peninsula (hourly),
Ashburton Mouth B camera across river bar & surf to sky (hourly)
Index to other NIWA Cam-era sites

Groundwater levels are important for many in Canterbury especially when there is a drought. Christchurch people enjoy beautiful water from these aquifers and we want to keep it that way. We have family and friends with their own wells near: West Melton (or list here), Weedons and Oxford.

Halswell Quarry Park - the original plan. The Sister City Gardens have made a significant change - good because it accelerated planting of some natives but also bad because it adds many more exotic plants to our environment in spite of my protests and the original plan. It required a new plan for the park. Here's the landscape concept plan. great area near Christchurch

Otago Regional Council
environmental links to local climate and hydrological info.

I was born and spent my childhood in the City of Dunedin

North Westland
also North Westland
Westland info
Stewart Island
This is a wonderful place, more comforts than you might want and worth the effort to get there!
The New Zealand Government home page. A spring board for Central, Regional and Local government and associated organisations and agencies.

It has these links to directories, search engines and databases that can be searched for New Zealand organisations and information, and
a list of Government departments and agencies

NZ Law

Community Net Aotearoa
Wises street finder map for Ak, Wn, Ch & more

LINZ with
on-line topo maps & aerial photos - awesome

Last updated: 2 March 2003
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