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Portals for other places (not NZ)
Ben & Jack's fantastic homepage (it's TRUE) for Anglophiles.

Black Stump for Aussiephiles and for a great deal of surfing.

Info Junkies Anonymous - a great wee site but with a US bias.

Essential Links - US
Jubilee - a study
The Other Side zine
From Sept-Oct 1998 v34(5)
Proclaim Jubilee!! ARTHUR WASKOW calls for a biblical 'Jubilee program' which can help us respond to our greatest cultural sicknesses
Balancing Abundance and Need CHED MYERS rediscovers the power and radical vision of Paul for our contemporary culture when he retraces the apostle's connections to the biblical Jubilee tradition.

Sojourners Online (Sojourners Magazine)
From Sept-Oct 1997 v26(5) Holy Economics By Arthur Waskow A rhythm of worthy work and reflective rest.
From May-June 1998 v27(3) God Speed the Year of Jubilee! By Ched Myers The biblical vision of Sabbath economics. (Part 1 of 2)
From July-August 1998 v27(4) Jesus' New Economy of Grace By Ched Myers The biblical vision of Sabbath economics. (Part 2 of 2)

The Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative
Has the Jubilee any Basis in History? By Wademar Janzen

American Baptist Churches - USA : Mission Center Online
Abstract : American Baptists Proclaiming Jubilee Today : Biblical - Theological Foundations

Spirit of Jubilee (Henry Garman's website)
Sound the trumpet
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
An Introduction to the Biblical Jubilee
Bible Verses on the Jubilee, debt cancellation
We are the Jubilee Generation by Jay Gary

Jubilee 2000 is an international movement calling for cancellation of the unpayable debt of the world's poorest countries
Ten questions [& answers] about Jubilee 2000

Evangelicals for Social Action's Prism mag includes articles by Ron Sider, Tony Compalo, Tom Sine and others on similar themes.
e.g. Evangelicals and the Poor : A Prism Forum
and this inspiring short piece 'A Healing Ministry That Makes Sense' by Tony Campolo

Last updated: 19 October 2001
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