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for older but interesting shots from space, my 'NZ from Space' page animation

Best resolved imagery courtesy of NOAA and Landcare Research.
Four NOAA satellite passes are received each day and processed to imagery within half an hour of each satellite pass. There are only four passes per day from the NOAA satellites that cover the whole of New Zealand.
If it's old, try 'Refresh'.

NRL Monterey Global Imagery includes:
GMS-5 vapour (coloured)
Mosaics and animations can be selected from these.

WMO notes about the satellites including trouble with GMS-5

Notes from NASA incl. "... In June 2001, GMS-5 reduced its southernmost coverage to deal with increased torque in the scan mirror motor at the end of the rotation (probably due to lubricant buildup)...."
BOM notes on status of GMS-5

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies ... .../tropic/real-time/ includes latest:
WV METEOSAT-5, GMS-5, & GOES-10 mosaic
IR METEOSAT-5, GMS-5, & GOES-10 mosaic ... /tropic/real-time/shemi/winds/ includes latest:
Upper Level Winds
Lower Level Winds
Wind Shear
Shear Tendency
Upper Level Divergence
850mb Vorticity
Visible Winds

GOES-10 NZ sector
From the US Navy:
Latest GMS 5 IR full scope thumbnail and large image.
Large IR hourly satellite gif of Aussie, PNG and NZ at 5 past each hour. Fresher but a bit slower than the Met Service images.
Latest GMS 5 Visual full scope thumbnail and large image
Latest GMS 5 Water Vapour full scope thumbnail and large image.

Latest GMS5 images (Uni of Wisconsin) incl.
water vapour, IR, IR NHC enhanced & a movie (takes a while to load).

GMS5ColorIr provide these options GMS 5 IR and GMS 5 WV

CSIRO NOAA sat - choose NZ link - hi res detail

NZ Wx Sat from ( NZST=EST+17 or EDT+16 )

Latest 3 hourly IR of Antactica to NZ

NASA (GHCC) impressive interactive page that has a fresh, global (but zoomable) IR satellite view
NZ zoomed in

For an interesting view of the earth try this Swiss based site.
You will find a composite (73k bmp) surface temperature, cloud, real-time, night-shadow, world map and ability to select various viewing aspects, eg Australasia

GMS satellite images & 12 day mpeg movie are available through this Canterbury University site.

This Australian site provides some very colourful alternatives but tends to trim bits off NZ in their small images.
However, the big versions are brilliant -- if you don't mind waiting for the upload.
Aus & NZ coloured IR

FNMOC satellite obs for Pacific south to NZ Cen NI
IR, wind speed, rain rate & water vapour

Last updated: 15 January 2003
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