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Clouds & a few other things not sorted properly yet
About Luke Howard
Explains Luke's contribution to cloud nomenclature
from Weather Doctor - good for a browse
Review of very interesting book regarding Luke - 'The Invention of Clouds : How an Amateur Meteorologist Forged the Language of the Skies' by Richard Hamblyn

NASA school table of contents - lots of observation tips

Tips about weather & astronomy

A short history of Meteorology
From this excellent course material

Atmospheric Phenomema
Atmospheric phenomena

The NASA, Global Hydrology and Climate Center Lightning Team's home page.
Index to data, images and documents about lightning.
Quality controlled historic optical transient detector browse images of global lightning strikes.

Earthing systems - solid & technical

Lightning Safety (US), very helpful.
Upper Layers, Radiation & The Ether
At Lauder, NIWA measures and predicts UV and Ozone levels. Here is the tomorrow's UV index map. Index figures over 10 are classified as "extreme" and 12 is roughly equivalent to a 12 minute burn time (as variable as skin) under a clear midday sun. A higher index indicates a faster burn.
Here is a map of Ozone levels (300Du is the global mean and less means thinner)

CPC Stratospere Sthn Ozone hole
SH Ozone hole size graph

Aurora analysis & forecast

RWC Belgium World Data Center for the Sunspot Index
NOAA Space Environment Center Solar Cycle Progression plots
IPS (AU) celestial weather including forecasts for affects on HF propagation.
Political & Commercial Aspects
The contractural duties of the NZ Met Service public asset sold by the 1999 government

Resolution 40 -- the problem of commercialisation of meteorological data and its free availability

Last updated: 22 September 2005
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